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pistol pete soul crusher

October 24, 2012

As I write essays for master’s programs, I have to mention my father.  I talk about taking care of him in a way that almost makes it sound like some sort of achievement, yet I don’t think of it that way.  i dont actually think about why at all.  As an added layer, I currently work much of the day and am not a caregiver to him in the same capacity as I was prior.  So I am writing these essays in a current fashion that is troubling to me because it is not my place at the moment.  The soul searching turned advertisement has weighed heavy and im only now capable of writing and editing this stuff in spurts as constant dissembling of the minute details of 1000 pound aspects of my life prove fruitless in my own grasping at this monstrosity. With so much else to do, it has become the only time I sit and seriously think about my actions in that my mind slows down enough while editing sentences to scour my words for meaning or intent.

preamble pentameter porcupine perpetuation pony pistol pete parsimonious plaster pills por postal penguins pinching perched partridges patting plots pitched pampers pickle persimmons.

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