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today i learned

October 23, 2011

today i learned about how earth’s organic matter may have come from comets. I guess i knew some of this already, but what was fascinating was how it happened. To sum up, the gravitational pulls of jupiter and saturn are strong, every time they went by each other they pushed neptune and uranus further away from the sun towards the kaiper belt. There, they hit a bunch of icy rocks, sending them everywhere around the solar system. These are comets that hit everything, all the planets including us. They hit every part of our planet. As these comets go from the kaiper belt toward us, they melt, sending icy streams of gas and rocks and such out into space, hence the comets tail. These were analyzed by a probe in 2006 and found to have basic elements of organic matter, amino acids. If a bunch hit the earth, it explains why we have so much organic matter.

today i learned that I need to explain what I write in an essay to suit the everyday reader instead of my professor. Apparently, I am not writing essays for her to read.

today i learned that George Harrison was amazing, yet again. I watched the Scorsesse documentary on him for HBO. It was great; I dont really understand the critiques accusing it of lacking emotion. Maybe I was expecting something different than those critics. I thought it was fantastic. I have never read much on him, and while I do know about many of his interests musically and spiritually, I did not know much of the specifics. The interviews were great.

today I learned that once again, moments pop up with siblings when all pretense goes out the window, honesty and humility rear their head, and a stripped conversation can be had, leaving me feeling a bit more connected even if its just for a few minutes.

today I learned that I am incapable of shopping for myself. name a thing one can buy and I am not good at finding nor purchasing it. Negate that as well and I am also not good an stopping myself from buying things I dont need. I am too impulsive to be left on my own in this manner.

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  1. Elayne permalink
    October 23, 2011 3:36 pm

    we too loved the Scorsese Doc. George Harrison . Love him What a loss.
    Steve Jobs, another Loss, John Lennon…Oh I could go on and on…Howard Zinn
    Why are other people still alive that are not so great.I won’t name them. You know who you are. Love you Alex

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