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January 22, 2011

Actual therapist this time.

I am interested in psychology, I take time everyday to read about new studies, and learn about old ones. I like the concepts it teaches. I like how broad in scope in can be. I like how specific I can make it, in relation to types of therapy one can focus on. I like being the person someone goes to for advice and perhaps love the sound of my own voice enough to enjoy giving it. It fits with something I would be comfortable with doing for a long time.

Now, I would need to do some prerequisite work, but unlike the Nursing idea, my lack of a background in any of the material worries me much less. I am much more confident of handling the workload, and can’t see myself getting bored with it.

I think this is a real possibility. Thought the amount of people that study this every year kinda scares me into thinking its not original enough and that when I go out into the world a psychologist there will be one on every corner and more than half will be waiting for the economy to get better and hoping that one day people will have the money to worry about things on an esoteric level instead of how the world is crashing around them and they dont have enough money for the duct tape needed to survive.

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