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India blog 14 (sorry so late)

May 19, 2010
Totally late on this one, my computer deleted what i had written and it was disconcerting enough to make me spend all my free time reading.  I will do a short review list of the books I finished as well as the crappy movies I have seen on tv while bored along the way.
(Day whatever, I am leaving Munnar)
I thought it was wednesday, but it wasn’t, and I had to be with Mary at the ashram on saturday morning, meaning, I had to be near her with the bike returned friday night.  This required driving 300 km in a day, much longer than any distance I had driven.  So I got on at 930 am, but didn’t arrive in Kovalam until 7pm.  How did it take so long, you might ask.  Well, first off, averaging 50, which is slower than I was going much of the time, I should be there in 6 hours.  But, around 150km, the bike starts to make the same noises it did on the way to Ooty.  I know the problem, but I say screw it, this baby can make it.  About 100km out of Kovalam, it won’t start, and I am multiple kilometers and multiple hills from anything, let alone a bike repair shop.  So I coast back for a bit and push up a few hills just as it starts to rain lightly.  At first, it was enjoyable because of how hot it was but then it started raining harder and harder, making it more difficult to push the bike up the hills.  So now I am soaked.  Lucky for me, the first town I got to had a bike repair shop.  After they got done laughing at me, they made the same adjustments as a few days before.  So on I went, still lightly raining and still soaked and coming upon dusk.  I was 30km away from my destination, in the middle of a big city when the problem started happening again, this time a little worse.  The bike started backfiring and shaking and rattling, but I was still moving.  Finally, I got there, still in one piece, just about finished with my bike trip.  Before I could say goodbye to the bike, I had to spend 2 hours convincing the owner I didn’t break the bike; he had to call a mechanic, who agreed with me.  The spark plug was cracked in half, but easily replaceable.  Now to bed, to sleep off the dirt and grime, beauty and peacefulness, squalor and depravity, audacity and dirty looks, curiosity and welcoming smiles, horns and exhaust that had accumulated over the last few weeks.  Soon I will be off to my yoga vacation.
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