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Book 22 and 23: Northern Lights and From the Earth to the Moon

March 23, 2010

So I dont have as much time for book reviews while traveling.  Here are 2:

Northern Lights is a book by Phillip Pullman that was made into a shitty movie that won’t be mentioned here, even if it did have Nicole Kidman and James Bond.

The story is a little girl goes on a journey to find out what the church/majesterium has been up to in relation to dust and why some crazy woman who might be related to her is stealing gypsy children and taking away their souls/animals that change shape and stay with them always before taking a permanent for when the child becomes an adult.  This book was kinda lame and I thought it would be more controversial, considering they took out all the anti religious undertones out of the movie.  Supposedly the other 2 books of the trilogy will be better.

From the Earth to the Moon is a kick ass book by Jules Verne (author of all that is epic and the shit to a 14 year old and possibly most grown men). 

He was not American, so he rips the piss out of our insane 19th century culture by making up a well known gun club.  This club, which has just finished their busiest time ever coming up with ammunition, gun, and cannon fire during the civil war, is bored because the war is over yet the race to design the best armor and the most powerful cannons is just heating up.  So the head of the club has a bright idea, to make a cannon so big and powerful that it can hit the moon.  This gets everybody excited so the task is set.

The book is fucking hilarious, the characters insanity leads them to conclusions about life and war that are so preposterous.  Yet the book is also stunning in that Verne was able to get so much right so long before space travel, or flight for that matter.  The amount of math in the novel is stunning yet pretty much understandable and only aids the authenticity of this true science fiction story.  I love this book

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