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Book 21: New York Trilogy

March 21, 2010

Gotta do short reviews because I am traveling and don’t feel like it.  Although, I am still reading quite a lot.

New York Trilogy is be Paul Auster.  The book is a series of short novels written by Auster in the early 80’s and collected into one volume.

The stories are detective fiction but they go above and beyond that genre without getting so emotional about the story.  Instead the characters play mind games burgeoning on the metaphysical.

The first story, City of Glass, is about a detective novel writer who somehow becomes the detective.  His case is about a boy, now man, who was kept in a room for 12 years in order to discover the true language of man without familial or social interaction.  The Garden of Eden was the beginning of duality, with good and evil, and then the fall of the Tower of Babel made the world take on so many possibilities like language and culture.  Now the world must go back to its roots.  This is a great story with great characters.

The second novel, Ghosts, is about a detective named Blue, trained by Brown, hired by white, to watch Black, who does practically nothing, yet he has to watch him and send reports to White for over a year before he finally cracks and secrets are revealed.  The weakest of the three for story, but psychologically interesting.

The third novel, The Locked Room, is about a writer that goes missing and his childhood pal, who takes his friend’s unpublished writing and becomes rich and happy, only to find that he must know what happened to his friend and learns that there are consequences at the end of that search.  Excellent book.

Don’t have too much to say, except that this is a quick enjoyable read that is impressive to say the least.  The writing is exceptional, the subject matter is classic, the themes are cerebral, and the characters are deep enough to make you want to see them in real life.

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