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India blog 6

March 13, 2010

So i woke up on my last full day in Anjunna and rode the scooter a little more, visiting briefly, then adjoining beaches to the north and south.  I had to do it because it is so nice to have wind when it is so hot.  Then, we came back and were invited to a vegan lunch at a place called Bean Me Up, which wasn’t the weirdest part though.  That was relegated to our company. 

We were with a 19 year old Brit named James.  He graduated high school (well equivalent of US) at 15 and quickly got a vetrenary degree.  At 18, he left for the Sudan to work in the Darfur region with an animal NGO taking care of livestock, but also working as a doctor for gun shot wound victims just because he was there.  He told me stories about having to take supplies to regions with no medicine or food, getting shot in the butt, and pretty much taking all kinds of fire from militants daily.  And he was there to work on animals.  He said there was only one other Brit and they were both attacked constantly because people thought they were Americans.  He was 6’4 and when he played rugby, weighed more than 80 pounds more than me, yet now I would be that I had 20 pounds on him at least.  He also happened to be P.G. Woodhouse’s grand nephew and owned a priceless type writer of his, rode big motorcycles and smoked copious amounts of Hash.  Oh, and he had little fuction left in both of his hands due to major lascerations on each of his wrists, one of which came from a broken bottle.  So he had little use of his hands and had been living and smoking in Goa for 4 months with no immediate end in sight until this day when he finally got a letter from the same NGO asking him to be a drug supervisor in Ghana.

The other guy with us was named Jeremy.  He was  half Puerto Rican half Dominican, from Jersey City, looked like Sayid, the Iraqi character from Lost, was a self described revolutionary, and a non practicing yet somehow devout Mormon.  He ate no Indian food because he was afraid of it, but was willing to try tofu for the first time at this meal, which he hated and left a ton of uneaten food on his plate.  He didn’t drink coffee or alcohol but smoked a lot of hash while prostelytizing.  I learned from him that eternal Mormons are walking the Earth and that freedom of religion was one of their ideas, the eternal ones that is.  Apparently, 3 biblical figures are still walking the Earth and that the unnamed members that signed the Constitution were them, and that one of them was Cain (exactly who you think), who has been walking the Earth since his birth.  Jeremy was funny.  He seemed to believe everything he said, like being against gay marriage but in the next sentence seemed to say that he really didn’t give a shit as well.  He had a lot of tattoos and a somewhat demented, but maybe just high, sense of humor.

Rachel was a Brit who was new to backpacking, and ready to go everywhere.  She seemed to be enjoying herself, as well as her hummus.

_____ was from Vancouver bu had been living in Manila, Philipines, working as the head trainer for PETA.  She was an 11 year Vegan and luckily didn’t preach too much.  She would make a few smarmy comments now and then about what was better than what but she was sufferable.  She told storied of being hounded by the Manila press and government, almost getting arrested a few times, and being deported from a few countries.

It was great being with a vet who knows a lot about farm animals and a PETA supervisor all the while listening to Mormon prophecies.

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