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India blog 5

March 7, 2010

I have left India for the south american jungle I think.  I am in Anjunna, Goa and it is tropical, not too hot, beach side, and filled with Russian hippies.  This is place is filled to the brim with hippies.  All the tiedye (I have no idea how to spell that) that you could possibly want while you do all the drugs you could possibly want.  I, of course, abstain from all narcotics and would never dream of sitting around my tropical courtyard called Peace Land smoking a little hash with random travelers.  We rented bikes not long after we got here, so I have been getting around on a 100cc scooter and am loving it.  The beach reminds me of the kind we saw in Morocco, even down to the similar styles of people:  swimming locals, scared older travelers, engaging backpackers, and I can still pull off this thong  Western European over 60 males with their aging cabana women they met on holiday in the 60’s.  It is even similar down to the fort over looking the beach here that reminded me of the Kasbah I rocked in Agatir.

Oh, so yeah, back to before this.  The guy we went out with was gay, but I didn’t need to hit on him to find out.  It just became a lot more obvious.  The next day we spent getting our shit together to leave Mumbai, which included buying more loose fitting Indian style clothes that are much better for this climate, eating more copious amounts of good food, taking pictures of amazing buildings that need a bath, and finding out bus.

Our bus, by the way, which took us from Mumbai to Goa was a nice looking modern bus with beds on it.  It took 14 hours and was extremely uncomfortable.  We were just above the wheel so we could feel everything the bus did.  But it could have been much worse.  The bus had air conditioning (granted you couldnt turn it off and it was freezing) and beds and that is way better than a packed to the brim public bus that would have suffocated us if it didnt break down 13 times.  So we made it here fine and it is lovely.

We met an Irish couple on the bus so Mary has someone to talk about freckles and being easily burned with.  They have been great.  They have been living in Spain for the last while and their life seems like fun there.  They drove all around Europe in a van, which is something I want to do, so they have been telling us about living in it and I think it sounds excellent.

OK, back to motor bikes and Russian Mad Max character hippies.

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  1. Meryl permalink
    March 7, 2010 4:32 pm

    Ali – keep the blogs coming – they are such fun to read. Steve’s brother Jon spent a lot of time in India after college – your experience brings back those times for me. Just don’t call your mother at 4 in the morning your time cause you forgot the time difference – been there!

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