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India blog post number 1

March 3, 2010

A year in Korea, followed by my first foray into backpacking left me wondering what would be next.  Well, another year in Korea seemed to be the answer, as I was able to gather some more knowledge about myself and my interests and have the opportunity to live with what might be my favorite person of life.  All the ups and downs of a year teaching and getting further into a committed relationship left me ready to strap on the bag again and venture to places I have never been.  It has always seemed to me that the backpackers I have met over the years all go  to interesting places but tend to mention India as the “up the ante” sort of place.  Mary wanted to do a yoga teaching course there so I figured now is the time to see what level of backpacking discomfort I can withstand as well as experience a world so different from anything I have ever known.

Myself and Mary boarded a plane at 1pm Seoul time where we had more than decent food and a good nap.  Korean Air food sucks, but Chinese airlines are quite good.  The nap was essential because I had been out drinking until 3am the night before.  I had a good night but the world seems surreal when you are about to leave it and change everything entirely.

I plan to quit drinking and the remnants of my smoking habit for the duration of India and pick up the drinking half when I arrive in Thailand after India.

Ok, so after the first flight to Hangzhou we had little time to make our connection, with the long immigration line and the fact that  we had to collect baggage and check in again.  But, I happened to run into a representative of our connecting flight with Dragon Air and he whisked us through all the bullshit, though there was a small mistaken stop at a door labeled Further Questioning which scared me a little because I know how the Chinese immigration authority can be (I was interogated for over an hour the last time I was there because they thought I was a journalist).

Once again, good plane food and then HK.  Best airport I have ever seen.  Huge, modern, many things to do. 

So now I am on a flight to Mumbai.  I have no idea what to expect.  I have no reservation and we arrive just after midnight.  I thnk Mary has finally become more excited than worried (she has been yelling at me for days because of my lackidasical attitude in regard to preparation for India), soon she will only be going with the flow of things, I hope.

I don’t know how to feel about any of this.  All emotions have their detractors so here we go.  6 Hours and 15 minutes until India____

So we arive, get a hotel through a guy at the airport, and our first impression of India is a bed too dirty to sleep on brought to us by a shady man who keeps changing the price and his hovering tip begging co-workers.  But it is late, so we sleep.

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