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India blog 3

March 3, 2010

Today was great.  We woke up and had our usual almonds and malaria pill breakfast, then left to do some sight seeing.  We went along the Oval Maiden (parkish type thing) to see the Victorian building and the High Court, which has a statue of a monkey scewing with the scales of justice.  Then we walked to Chowpatty Beach, which was probably 8 or so kms so it took a while, but it was nice to walk along the water on Marine Dr.  We had great mushroom curry and this Bariyani Masala thing that ruled my stomach with garlic naan and a plain roti.  Then  we walked 4 or 5 more kms to Banganga tank for sunset and to see the center of the earth (also known as the wooden pole in the center of this little bit of water surounded by amphitheater type seating and plenty of women washing clothes. 

We also saw Mani Bhavan, which was the place where Ghandi lived for 17 years here.  The place is a museum and I highly recommend it because the history is good and you get to see how he lived and learn much about his life if you don’t know already.  There was a letter he wrote to FDR there as well as another he wrote to Hitler and they were both amazing.  The place is very inspiring and when you learn more about the circumstances of his death it is devastating.  I knew how he died and some about his life but this experience was something else for me.

OK, after that we went back to Chowpatty beach for the rest of the sunset and to eat bhelpuri (crisp fried thin rounds of dough mixed with puffed rice, lentils, lemon juice, onions, herbs and chutney).  This is amazing, spicy, spectacular and I could probably eat 30 of them no problem.

Then home to wash of the throngs of dirt I have accumulated on my body throughout the day and then to here where i write this.  OK, bye

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