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Book 18: Snuff

February 10, 2010

Sex with the City, Lust Horizons, The Da Vinci Load, To Drill a Mockingbird, The Postman Always Cums Twice, Chitty Chitty Gangbang, The Twilight Bone, A Tale of Two Titties, The Wizard of Ass, Gropes of Wrath, World Whore One:  Deep in the Trenches, World Whore Two:  Island Hopping, Much Adieu About Humping, Moby Dicked, A Midsummer Night’s Ream, Lassie Cum Now!,  The Ass Menagerie, Catch Her in The Eye, A Seperate Piece, Bang the Bum Slowly, Butt Pirates of the Caribbean, Smokey and the Ass Bandits, Beat Me in Saint Louis, Ali Boobie and the 40 D’s, Lay Misty for Me, The Importance of Balling Ernest, Snow Falling on Peters, Slut on a Hot Tin Roof, The Italian Hand Job, etc.

Norma Talmadge, Hitler Invented the Blow up Doll, Gene Kelly had a 103 Temp when doing the scene in Singing in the Rain, Dick York stopped Bewitched because of his back, Almost a thousand women die every year from Vaginal Embolisms, Marlene Dietrich’s bronzed legs for Kizmet, Lucille Ball’s sagging skin pull, Lauren Bacall and Tallulah Bankhead and drinking crushed eggshells, Rudolph Valentino’s admirers killing themselves when they heard of his death, etc.

Any of this sound interesting to you?  Just a few of these made me pick up the book and there are way more.

Snuff is a book by Chuck Palahniuk that, I guess, is a story of relationships entirely set while waiting in line to be part of the world’s biggest gangbang (600).

All of Palahniuk’s books are filled with tidbits of information (I think Survivor might be filled with the most), and this is no different.  I thought this book would get boring after a while with it’s limited story, but it was pretty entertaining.  I didn’t love it, but it was a short novel that I was happy to read.  I was entertained the whole time, even laughing out loud at more than a few parts.

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