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Book 14: Transmetropolitan

January 4, 2010

First off, Fuck anybody who says this isn’t a book.  It’s got a lot more to say than anything your retarded ass has read lately.

Anyway, Transmetropolitan, is a comic series written by Warren Ellis, with art by Darick Robertson.  It was written from 1997-2002 and it could not have had a bigger influence on me when I started it.

I started reading this comic 5 or 6 years ago but never got to finish it due to my current location, the expense of comics, and my lazy ass.

The main character is named Spider Jerusalem, he is a Hunter S Thompson type in a sci fi-ish futuristic NY style metropolis.  His brand of gonzo journalism has labeled him a rebel and Jerusalem takes that  to the extreme.  He is a city beat writer whose prowess gets him into national news going head to head with the president.  Eventually, after attacking the politician with all his force, Jerusalem is able to get a change in office, only to find out he is now dealing with a much bigger evil.  The rest of the comic deals with Jerusalem going toe to toe with the new president.

This is the comic seen from the surface.

What it really is, is a portrait of current society seen from the dregs of the major metropolis, done in a way that is so in tune with today’s status that it needs this futuristic metaphor in order to stop your brain from exploding.

The words to describe it are biting social commentary that leaves the kind of feeling a character in a movie gets when he walks away from an explosion smiling from the damage he has caused.

This book takes what Watchmen did to a whole new level, truly leaving all semblance of super hero yet staying within the realm of digestible fantasy.  This enacted all while putting a host of popular evil on display from a city to a national level, leaving religion, politics, entertainment, education, health, the media, and the class structure of them all in a heaping wake.

I first thought of doing a mild review so nobody gets their hopes up to the level mine are at the conclusion of the comic, but it’s no use.  You will like it if you are capable of reading a comic.  You will love it if you are capable of reading a comic and have the use of your brain.  You will be ecstatic if you are capable of reading a comic, have the use of your brain, and have a destructive side that needs engagement.

Here is a synopsis of volume 9 I found on wikipedia:

“Spider’s brain may be shutting down, and professional assassins sent by the President may be on his ass, but Spider is content, because he’s back on the case and finally finding the nails he needs for the Smiler’s coffin. But even armed with such things as the Chair Leg of Truth, Spider’s enemies, outside in the chaotic streets and within his own head, may yet win the day…or perhaps Spider’s crusade will finally inspire others to seek the Truth…”

“The chair leg of truth” is a chair leg used by Spider to beat the hell out of an half alien (transient) pimp/rock star in order to get, what else, but the truth out of him.

This comic is the best of science fiction (I can only hope to live to see half the shit they came up with), the best of comics (the artwork is spectacular and consistent, having the same artist for every issue), the best of social commentary, and the best hero journalism has had since H.L Mencken.

Really though, this book is basically the story of futuristic Hunter S Thompson (combined with H.L.Mencken) experiencing the world at its most gory and beautiful, all while writing it down for a news industry lost to political will and how he strives to take the world back from what Mencken called, when referring to democracy, “…the worship of Jackals by Jackasses.”

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  1. the mother permalink
    January 4, 2010 6:07 pm

    but i like Archie

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