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Book 13: Too Fat to Fish

January 3, 2010

Too Fat to Fish is by Artie Lange.  Lange is  comedian from New Jersey who got his start on the sketch comedy show, Mad TV, but what he is most known for now is his spot on the Howard Stern Show over the past 7 years.  My favorite thing of his is the movie Dirty Work with Norm MacDonald, but whatever.

Not sure why I read this.  I guess it was because the book was just sitting around.  I always thought Lange was pretty funny, not outstanding but good.  I knew that he has had a pretty public substance abuse problem over the past 20 years or so and I figured he would be brutally honest about that, knowing his personality.

That is an understatement.  Hearing Artie Lange talk about his coke and heroin addiction all while in the public eye is interesting enough.  But hearing him use everybody’s real name, tell the location of all events, and never seem to leave anything back is the only thing that makes this book worth reading at all.

I will mention that if you are a fan of his or the Stern Show, then you should pick this book up and probably have already.

A few shocking regalia involve running from MadTV producers and a few cast members because they want to take him to rehab, escaping into a grocery store, decking a producer, and throwing fruit at patrons before being arrested by the LAPD, and masturbating to Christina Applegate while she was 5 feet away.

This book holds no punches and is semi funny and somewhat surprising.  He gets a bit overwhelmed about supporting the troops toward the end because of a USO stint, but his stories about working on Dirty Work are great, and he has an honest respect for other people in his vocation.  His relationship with his family was funny, touching and depressing all at once, and it was nice reading something where I learn pretty much nothing but am still mildly entertained.

Overall, I probably should have read something else and can’t really recommend this book to 99% of people, but if you are interested in this kind of shit, check it out.

This is a half assed review for a partially interesting book.  They can’t all be good

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