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What I learned today (Vol 4)

December 28, 2009

I learned that being santa sucks because its hot and you are jewish.  It also should only be done for no longer than 1 hour because the kids and repetitiveness of it will annoy you.

I learned some of the habits that famous novelists have when writing their books.  Margaret Atwood is the best

I learned that fucking Kim Kardashian makes 10 grand a tweet for promoting some shit.  This is the end of it all and realistically, the best case so far for how little anybody knows about making money off the internet. I hate humans

I learned that evangelical christians are finding new ways to be missionaries.  The Christian Athelete

I learned that soldier’s pay and armor etc. are stolen each year in the defense bill by congressmen in order to pay off defense executives.  This is lame and not surprising

I learned that Afghanistan is really really confusing and if you say otherwise (like all we need to do to finish this is…) you are an idiot.

I learned that Robert Morgenthau, the soon to be exiting New York District Attorney is an interesting man for many reasons.  One is that Law and Order is based on him.  Another is his background in international cases despite his position.  He has more than a few disagreements with Mayor Bloomberg, and I am glad he does.  He wants to do more about underground/overseas banking.  And he is very concerned about Iran.  Wish there were more people like him

This is for the next four thing I learned

I learned that scientifically speaking, Bourbon has 37 times the conganers (sp?) and that this might directly relate to the severity of a hangover.  Aparently that goes for all dark alcohols versus clear ones.  Thoug they also leanred that what comes before the hangover, sleep, is not differentiated by what you drink.

I learned that scientists discover grains on tools in Mozambique.  The tools are dated back to one hundred thousand years ago.  This is interesting because many thought that people of this time didn’t use grains .  Apparently they were not very accessable and difficult to get and prepare.  Then again, apparently not.  It looks like the grain was boiled and ground. This puts the use of grains much earlier in our history.

I learned that smaller fingertips are more sensitive because they have a higher concentration of sweat pores.

I learned that mercury fillings in your teeth get safer over time due to a chemical reaction.

I learned that all over the world people are drawing flies at the bottom of urinals because it makes a big difference in whether or not they miss the target.  Someone is even coming up with a glow in the dark fly in the bowl of your home toilet so you can aim correctly without turning on the light in the middle of the night.  Apparently public restroom spillage is decreased by 80%.   Pee Brains

I learned that being naked in your home is a crime if someone can see you through the window and that this is probably not true if you are female and the people looking in are male. Gratuitous nudity

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