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what I learned today (vol 3)

December 17, 2009

I learned that what to do when you get out of college is a movie/tv/play/whatever idea that is overdone.  People just try to mask the banality of the idea with dick jokes in one direction and witty banter spoken by people who always wear tweed jackets in another.  They always have a degree in something that gets them on the path to teaching high school or writing a shitty book before being reduced to teaching high school.  And don’t think you can avoid this bullshit plot device by writing an uplifting story about college grooming success because your movie will suck unless someone’s expectations are not met and strife ensues.

I learned that Hunter S Thompson jumped into the trunk of a car and closed the lid during a fight big brawl the Hell’s Angels were having and that was when they started thinking of him as a pussy.  He also got the shit kicked out of him, thus ending his year with the biker gang.  Apparently one of the members kicked his dog and Thompson said, something about how assholes hit their mother and kick their dog. On the other hand, he was a journalist and not a burly biker and he always seemed to get himself into trouble with other people wanting to kick his ass.  This might have been the reason he traveled around armed with a few weapons at all times.

I finally learned that Santa is not real and is a secular role model for the olden day slaves of 19th century New York.  Hooray Santa

I learned for the millionth time that cell phone’s don’t cause cancer.  Seriously though, end of story

I learned that the Chinese still support Iran, not because they need their oil, but because they probably see sanctions as a stepping stone to international pressure against themselves.  OH, and Obama is powerless against Israel attacking Iran.  What is all that money for anyway?  Aren’t we overlords there?

I learned our collective GayDar is strong.  50 milliseconds is all we need

I learned that Sexting needs more support.  Our children are dying due to lack of understand by adults of how kids in this technological age are playing “doctor”.

I learned that I am sick of the term “fatally wounded”.  The woman was shot dead

I learned about one of the sickest things a person can do.  Warning:  It involves a mostly developed fetus and christmas

I learned that poor kids are prescribed anti-psychotic drugs more often then their middle class counterparts with the same symptoms.  It seems that its cheaper and easier to manage then counseling sessions.  This despite being the most expensive type of drug for Medicaid. Another place for health reform

I also learned that shit is so bad in the US that the states are letting people in droves out of the prisons, but once they get out, the ex cons can’t find work and would prefer to go back to their cell where food and shelter is provided. This is not working.

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