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What I learned today (Vol 2)

December 16, 2009

I learned for the millionth time that good Indian food is exciting and delicious.

I learned for the 100th time that Russian/Uzbekistani food is great and they have a beer witht he number 9 on it that is spectacular. Baltika Beer

The Maldives and Greenland are being hit with climate change worse than any other country.  You probably don’t know where the Maldives are so I will tell you. They are a string of islands in the Indian Ocean.  I am going to go out on a limb and guess why they are being hit the hardest.  Maldives: doesn’t really have any land more than a few feet above sea level.  “80 percent of the land is three feet or less above the encroaching waves. And the waves are encroaching.”  Greenland: cold as fuck and full of glaciers falling apart due to the break up of ice near the north pole.  That is my scientific analysis.  Oh, and the Maldives is screwed.  We should give up on them (not climate change, just that string of islands).

Today I learned that other people don’t like the Italian prime minister as well.  Berlusconi

I learned that sometimes people go overboard with lists for unnecessary reasons with horribly stupid results.  History’s most badass jews

I learned that marajuana is getting closer to legalization in California due to having no money.  Children are losing, Adults are losing, Schools are losing, Healthcare is losing, Business is losing, the Terminator is losing.  California is fucked at the moment.  This debate has been going on forever and there are arguments for and against legalizing many different drugs that I agree with.  But the argument against weed is rediculous.  It isn’t nearly as harmful as alcohol and tobacco.  The state is about to increase taxes on tobacco soon so that tells you something about the hipocracy.  Its also considering banning smoking in outdoor dining areas, even with all the smog. In fact, it would be nice if when they legalize weed, they make a law that all 3 of those substances cannot be advertized.  I think that would lessen glamorization of substance abuse and make everybody who can talk coherently about this issue happy.  California Buds

Learned that he is not in Rolling Stone’s wheelhouse. I have listened to 5 albums and often listen to only 2 albums on their Top 100 albums of the 2000’s

I learned that Joe Lieberman is a dick. A really lame dick.

I learned that a single gene turns ovaries into testicles. There is this sex determination gene named SRY that if missing from a male it becomes a female and the other way around.  Or so we thought.  It actually isn’t that simple.  Here is my attempt:  The SRY gene makes a male by turning on another gene called SOX 9, but females have a gene called FOX L2 that turns off SOX 9, allowing ovaries to be ovaries.  The interesting part is that the female keeps the FOX L2 gene forever and if it is ever turned on, even as an adult, their ovaries will turn into testicles.  It’s been tested on adult mice.  Crazy huh

I learned that HurricaneTwilight is striking in even more annoying places.  MTV’s Teen Wolf

A pretty good list of actors to watch for in 2010  Hooray for time wasting

I learned that Fred Malek is a former nixon adviser and republican consiglieri.  He is currently Sarah Palin’s main introducer and insider in Washington forming her upcoming attempt at power.  He also made a list of Jews to fire during his time on staff in the Nixon whitehouse.  Thanks Hitchens

Oh, and I learned that climate change, the banking crisis, and health care reform are all in a shitty state of affairs and if you need a link open your eyes, we’re pretty fucked.

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