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What I learned today (including links this time)

December 11, 2009

Some kids can be so clueless that it takes all of my energy to not call them retarded.  I wish kids could fly because the satisfaction of picking up their tiny bodies and throwing them off a building or out a window would be amazing sans the cracking of tiny bones and death. (my life)

Spontaneous human combustion is totally possible and recorded. There have not been a whole lot of cases and it is totally impossible to recreate in a lab so the causes are unknown but stories written by industry professionals with credentials and merit are out there. (Look it up)

I think I knew this, but it wasn’t put so bluntly.  It is not a pyramid scheme.  Those are legal, Mary Kay, Amway etc.  They are of the pyramid variety and there are schemes out there but Mary Kay etc. is not illegal.  A Ponzi scheme on the other hand is basically where people give you money for something and you just keep it.  When they want to take money out you give it to them from other people’s money and you live off the fat of the lame.  Shitty things to come from Ponzi Scheme’s: Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. (Ponzi)

And this:  Madoff hates Immortality

This is reversible destiny.  A concept of Mr. Arakawa and Madaline Gins (Japan and US respectively), who have been together since the mid 60’s.  They have this idea that too much comfort kills many people, especially in old age, and that living in a perpetually uncomfortable and unrecognizable environment when you constantly have to use physical and mental strength to do menial things will either forego or prolong life.  The concept is in practice in heavily geriatric Japan and the first pic above will hopefully by a hotel in NYC.  Madoff stole almost all the money they have and they are trying to complete their life’s work, a full community of this concept, before they get too old (they are in their late 60’s early 70’s).

Oh, and this does not include the holocaust victims and charitable operations that have been fucked over by this Ponzi scheme. (The list is probably not complete)

I learned that congress is going to tackle the debacle that is the Bowl Championship Series (BCS).  College Football for all you unfamiliar.  Thank you congress for keeping your eye on the ball. ( I hate them all)

(This link is for the next 5 things I learned today)

I learned that Caffeine doesn’t sober you up if you are drunk.

I learned that fitness can be directly linked to mental ability.

I learned that cigarettes have a lot of harmful bacteria on them before you even open the package, let alone the carcinogens.

I learned that plants that are next to plant of the same family (mother plant) will share resources through their roots but if put next to an unrelated plant, will put more effort into blocking the other plant’s light and resources as to benefit its own existence.  It’s like nepotism for plants.  Makes you wonder what the world would look like if the larger animals (like us and bears and shit) weren’t around.  I think giant angry killer plants would rule this place from on high with a master race controlling them all.

I learned that we know about mummies having heart disease.

I learned that I don’t like Uganda’s take on gays and that there are people in the states who support it that aren’t just wrapped in the stars and bars. (Watch the Video

I learned that babies can count, possibly in logarithms, and that our way of counting isn’t natural and needs to be pounded into a child’s mind.  This is not to say that we should be anti math, because the ends seem to justify the means in teaching children math.  The thing is that moving from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 just ain’t natural and is the main reason why a 2 year old can’t give you 2 of jack shit. ( I love Radio Lab more than just about anything)

Another thing that can count is Ants. Backwards.  In the desert the pheromones are blown away by the wind and the ants need to rely on the number of steps they have taken out of their nest to find food in order to get back home.  A test was done where the ants legs were elongated in some cases and shortened in others once they found their food and sent home.  The longer legged ants over shot the nest while you can guess what happened to the shorter legged ones.  The next day or whatever when they left the nest to get food again, the ants were able to find the food and get home fine, showing that their minds adapted to the change in their legs and just counted the steps back whatever the number may be. (Krulwich)

I think that is all

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  1. December 11, 2009 7:09 pm

    Well, that means I learned a bunch today too. The uncomfortable lifestyle to prolong life makes sense. Keeping the body and mind moving and focused is how we evolved. Comfort has no place in man’s equation. Not to say I don’t love being comfortable and doing jack shit. I just understand how it’s killing me along with the pin-ups on And I had heard about how the more physically fit you are the greater your mental abilities are, too. But clearly it doesn’t make you smarter. It just makes you better at counting calories and checking hear rates, i guess, because I’ve talked to people at the gym and there isn’t much going on up there.

    • December 12, 2009 2:02 am

      I was thinking the same thing, remembering all the meatheads in my highschool.

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