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Negative News in Korea (find the links your own damn self)

December 9, 2009

There is a growing anti foreigner sentiment in South Korea.  The country already has a tourism problem with such common Asian destinations surrounding the country.  Almost everybody I meet here is a teacher, a Korean who grew up abroad, here to visit a friend or family member, or here on business.  People don’t generally come here to visit if they don’t know anybody or have no connection to the country.

This makes the recent crime allegations against foreign teacher so troubling for the country.  Sparking outrage was doctored/exaggerated crime statistics saying that we cause too much trouble in the country.  To add to this, an anti English Spectrum (foreigner info site for korea) group on what I think was Naver (korean google) has a shitload of members some of which have sent death threats to prominent voices among the foreign community.

Also, it comes to my attention that a few of the public school systems outside of seoul and what in the future will include SMOE are cutting vacation time without the altering, or possibly the rewording of contracts, thereby reducing a 3-4 week vacation in the summer and winter to 20 days a year total.

Oh, a couple big stories on the increasing number of Philippine women coming to the ROK as prostitutes for the foreigners, I assume because Korean ladies of the night are hesitant to go outside the race (true).  Heard there was a big bust in Heywha, not far from where I lived last year.

Be careful walking around the Nonhyeon/Hakdong area at night as there have been multiple rapes and attempted rapes committed by Korean men on foreign women.  This is surprising to me as this is not a common occurrence as far as I know.  Now korean on korean rape/assault/battery: yeah, that shit happens all the time.

Apparently if a woman is wearing a skirt here and is raped the man is not at fault, implying that the woman was asking for it.  This was surprising at first, but I soon concluded that this is not unexpected, having lived here for more than 2 years.  I have seen more domestic violence here in 2 years than I will most likely see the rest of my life.  Some highlights have been “the drunken beating outside a bar”, “the shoving out of a slow moving car”, “the dragging down the street by the hair”, “the late night motel beating”, and the most common “we’re getting in the car and leaving now no matter what you do or say.”

Next time positive news?

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