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movies and TV seen recently

November 8, 2009


Antichrist:  I don’t know how to feel about this movie.  If you are weak hearted you should not see this, but if you can appreciate a well conceived movie of a kind never really done before then check it out.  Beware of the gore though.  One thing for it, I have never had a longer conversation after watching a movie with the lady than this.  Gender roles play a large role in the film.


This is it: There is nobody above Michael Jackson on the list of deaths of people I didn’t know affecting me.  He was the most recognized person in the world having had a major impact that can’t be understated.  I hope this film takes away from what became overly negative press.  I know he made some mistakes but he didn’t deserve the ridicule he got.  The movie is 80% or so concert footage and is great.  I realize it is solely meant as a legacy changer but I don’t care, he was amazing.


Murder on the Orient Express: Starring an amazing cast, Agatha Christie’s story about the self explanatory title entertained me.  i laughed out loud a few times and thought it was superbly acted.  I think the under toned humor will go over some people’s heads, but the story is great.


Moon:  I love Sci Fi movies.  Even though they have all but died in quality.  My favorite of the last while were Sunshine, Solaris (remake) and Moon.  The main role played by Sam Rockwell is Oscar worthy.  I don’t want to give away too many details because there are some interesting plot twists, but this movie is totally worth it for anybody who truly likes movies at all.  It had a few problems, the ending could have been done better, but I finished the movie supremely satisfied.


Inglorious Basterds:  This movie got here way late so I am going to write a blurb for it now.  I liked it, I thought the story as a whole was original, but each individual plot line was very derivative (as is his style).  I get that Tarantino wanted to make a war film, but I thought he went down a road that wasn’t serious enough.  He treats the war as a joke or some wild ride, which I realize is what he does, but still, this isn’t the Dirty Dozen, that movie had a lot of serious undertone while this one does not.  It was cool, but not a great movie.


Fat Girl:  French movie, starts out trying to shock me unsuccessfully with underage sex, then grips on to my attention for the last third where anything could happen.  When it does at the end, I was left not really caring.  But that last third up until the end was gut wrenching.


TV: Eastbound and Down:  This show kicks ass, it is crude as fuck and rocks it like the best tv comedy based on a person who thinks he is a badass can possibly be.  Rule is what this show does.  Only 6 episodes 30 minutes long so easy to bang out quick.  Check it.





TV: Mad Men and Dexter:  Mad Men is better but Dexter is really compelling.  Love both of them and will be sad when the seasons end.

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