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one more recent written word

November 2, 2009

some prose that needs revision


How does someone put together one word after another?  What connection is there?  Instinct, memory, random linear conclusions, questions, thoughts.  The small words delineate movement of expressions, feelings, emotions.  “The” makes the word stand up and yell, “READ ME” while “and” furthers progression in both form and theory.

Words can jump out on their own by putting certain letters together.  Then, those words can be strung together in a sentence that speaks volumes like,

“I transcend murder styliciously.”

Each word either exclamates, moves, conjures, or enhances the way the tongue caresses the mouth or thoughts caress the brain.

Sometimes there are choices to be made; other times they are made for you.  Is a thought waiting to be spoken or written, thoroughly pieced together in the mind and exploded onto the page, or is it dropped fragments of thoughts that take form post-coitus? Or, can it be both?

No two people think the same, but can they have the same process in achieving a thought?  When the last song you heard before you leave the house creeps into your brain, don’t you feel a bit stupid?  Like there aren’t better things to ponder? Like I have a one track mind?  If there is a track at all, is there a destination?  Perhaps it is more like track and field and we just go around in circles.

If you think someone else does the thinking for you than you are quite incapable of thinking about thinking and therefore are unable to scratch the surface of existence.  The individual is more important than the group and confidence is key.  The confidence to string words together is what strings words together.  Apprehension causes unneeded confusion for the self and people forget to start what they finish and words stand alone.




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