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note found in my luggage

November 2, 2009

Need to read the popular/mainstream and classic stuff

Black eroticism


De Sade

Bataille- essays and all

story of o

the image

Anne Rice

Gay Eroticism

Lesbian Erotica

young (puppy) love

Jack the Modernist

History of Fetishism

History of sex culturally

The divine/godly urges Dionysus

Pagan ritual

Clothing as sexual






and also the outside the box forms of pleasure



The notes go for 5 or 6 pages and I don’t remember writing them, though I obviously did.  They go on to discuss an erotic novel questioning what I have read already and discussing the current stage of eroticism.  Looking back on it now, I wonder what George Bataille would think of today’s mixed sensory extremes.  Some cultures are all on one side or the other and then there is the mix, like in the US where people at opposite ends of the spectrum live next door to each other.

I am inclined to believe what is shocking today has always been shocking.  The unknown, undiscovered, uncoothed.  Eroticism, though, is so compartmentalized that it is either fringe worthy or a lump sum.

I don’t think I came to a full conclusion about how to go about forming a modern erotic novel, but I can say that erotic is a broad term and there are 2 books that i could put into other genres as well that had a big influence on me.

The first is Story of the Eye, by George Bataille.  It is the story of two teenage lovers who engage is what I can only describe as over the top.  But what makes it so great is the writing and imagery.  It is one of the more compelling books I have ever read.  I know I am a bit desensitized to this stuff but especially for having been written in 1928 or so, it is ridiculous.



The other book is called Jack the Modernist by Robert Gluck.  The author was part of the New Narrative movement of the 70’s and 80’s San Francisco, heavily influenced by the AIDS epidemic.  The style features a lot of sexual writing that deals with the author physically.  Some other people from this group that I have loved to read are Kevin Killian, Kathy Acker, and Dodie Bellamy.  George Bataille was a big influence I am sure, due to the theoretical work of his journal, but also many other theorists including Walter Benjamin.

Anyway, there is a lot to say about New Narrative that I am nowhere qualified to talk about, so I will just talk about the book by Robert Gluck.  The book deals mostly with a sexually promiscuous man during the height of the Gay AIDS epidemic who spends much of his time moving from man to man in public houses, but also relationships.  He sees people come and go and has little to rely on in his life.  (This summary is from my memory of reading it 8 years ago).  What struck me the most was how much of the character’s sensory overload the reader can feel.  It can almost be too much at time.  Like you are there with him.

This books is spectacular and entirely unknown outside of certain circles.



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