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From my last blog (2005)

October 27, 2009

I know I am trying to be more populist for this blog, but what the hell.


Extremist Pirates Against Time (EX-PAT)

We exist as Captain Hook’s being terrorized by the alligator of time. Therefore, we are naturally against time. Time encompasses all facets of life and we believe that for humanity to reach a new plateau of civility, time must be abolished. Humankind has an obsession with time, the United States especially. While much of the world does not let time rule their lives to a sick and twisted extent, American citizens are always in a hurry to do and get everything and everywhere.

To be an expatriate is to be sent into exile, or to remove oneself from ones own country. Time has alienated us from a blind humanity walking aimlessly off of a cliff. This raging lack of common sense has forced our thoughts into the solitude of the mind and the written word for too long. Our anger and frustration can only be expressed calmly one last time before we pillage and plunder all aspects of time in a whirlwind of devastation.

Plastic surgery has moved into the mainstream as a catalyst towards youth, not in years, but in appearance. By being anti-time, we are for the natural aging process. We realize that man kills man, but nature must also be allowed to take its course. Since man is a part of nature, despite its struggle to be above it, all deaths must be considered natural. If the fate of humanity lies on the shoulders of one man, then let this natural course take its place.

The struggle for life is also natural. The need and expectation of man to continue living as long as possible, is in its own way, the meaning of life. But it is not in this broad generalization that our anti-time stance exists.

It exists in the everyday actions of vain, money-driven people. The heightened awareness of time is the crutch on which capitalism leans. Without the need to beat the competition to the punch, society becomes restructured.

Now, we believe there is a distinct difference between competition and ambition. The act of competing implies that a goal of profit or prize be achieved. In a capitalist system, competition exists as another word for rivalry. In Ecology, competition is the simultaneous demand by two or more organisms for limited environmental resources, such as nutrients, living space or light. An ecological competition is easily correlated to capitalism in that capitalism’s resources are money and stature, limited to the small group of people with the power to increase their economic standing, thus creating a Darwinian down-sizing at the hands of humans in an unnatural manner.

Because capitalism is driven by the individual’s participation in the competitive market, our anti-time stance is motivated by collective ambition. Competition implies antagonism and resentment while ambition implies hope and aspiration. We believe that individual competitiveness must be replaced by collective ambition, but to do this, time must be eradicated.

Without time, the business world, in its present state, cannot function. The world economy does not sleep. While stocks and bonds move in one part of the world, the other half stays silent in numbers, but as time advances, so does this other half.

Without time, there are no appointments or planners; people are free to move as they please without the constraints of a mad dash for survival. But even with the free will to move as one pleases, the society of the spectacle is still the stumbling block for free thought.

Every year, elections provide an unnecessary obstruction to the true tribulations of societal importance. Real problems are covered up by economic jargon. “We are incapable of helping poor and homeless people because we cannot afford it” is simply not an acceptable excuse anymore, nor should it have ever been. If the government is going to promote our nationalism to its current state of uneducated annoyance, then it should promote nationalism in a way that urges its citizens to fight for its fellow people. If we stop imposing our will upon other nations, maybe they will stop hating us, giving the U.S. the opportunity to fix domestic problems instead of hiding them behind the blanket of war.

According to President Bush, the United States is busy reaffirming the sanctity of human life, family, democracy, freedom, religion, and education. But in order to achieve “Ultimate Sanctification” he has killed, marginalized, tortured, and left for dead hundreds of thousands of people around the world, and all for a profit. War should not be about naïve racism and underhanded business ethics. We degraded the Vietnamese people to something less human than ourselves by calling them “Gooks” and saying that they don’t value life as much as we do. This is not different from the way Middle Eastern people are perceived today by the present day war machine.

There is so much hatred and jealousy in the world that the annihilation of time is the only option left. As Freud and Norman O. Brown said, there is a tension between the “pleasure principle” and the “reality principle” that causes repression. The basic strive for happiness and freedom does not always coincide with the “daily grind” of the typical individual. Humans go through cyclical patterns where their emotions move from energized and exalted to depressed and frustrated. By abandoning the concept of linear time, we can gain a deeper understanding of our emotional lives.

Not many social groups are more blindly emotional than the student. The student lives in a world where he is bred for the capitalist system. Without the time to seriously ponder the words of dead intellectuals, the student is fraught with assignment after assignment; a barrage of directions, or roads, opened up by a professor of inconsequentiality. The student, as well as the worker, is forced to work for long periods of time, producing an alienation from the self. This causes a disconnection from the natural human characteristic of creativity, which allows for a revolutionary lifestyle separate from capitalist time. On the other side of the coin, professors are rendered insufficient due to the time restraints on lectures and office hours.

While the state schools supposedly provide the foundation for entry-level business positions, the universities create CEO’s with a lesser business-minded sense, but a more attuned creativity to crafting the ideal economic condition. This only further proves the simple-minded conclusions to which almost all students achieve.

“How am I going to progress from this point in my life to the next level?” becomes the most important question for the college senior. This confused, arrogant, and selfish understanding of life’s progression leaves the students incapable of forming direct group action. Throughout school, students are taught to fend for themselves. Every action has its purpose, and right now, that purpose is to create a better economic stature for the self in the future. The education system is an advertisement for the capitalist scheme, promoting competition, or rivalry, and a blood-thirsty juvenility waiting to achieve ultimate self-promotion.

How does one eliminate time? The following four points are a good place to start:

1. Destroy the world’s most symbolic time landmarks, such as all major clock towers by using heavy explosives.

2. Stop the future production of calendars by burning down specific storage warehouses as well as stores where they can be purchased. Then, memorialize the deaths of all the slaughtered innocent people at the hands of capitalist imperialism by labeling and posting the old calendars everywhere around all major cities.

3. In order to get rid of personal daily time, millions of fake appointments must be made in hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world.

4. Destruction of the Prime Meridian by taking it off of all the maps.

The abolishment of time does not directly constitute world peace. We do not expect the world to come together and sing, for even people without clocks still wage war. What we hope to achieve is for humanity to slow down and take a good look at its corrosive nature. We believe that this rash movement towards thought-provocation is the only way to open the eyes of a world too infatuated with the dilapidated semblance of the individual. The banishment of time will allow humans to gaze beyond thoughts of economic stature and contemplate the massacre of the basic human rights it supposedly holds so dear.

In effect, time has left people of “power” blind to the possibility of common good. It has alienated the millions below the appropriated standard of living. Once again, the abolition of time will allow everyone to stop and consider the bullshit they create personally and collectively. It is our agenda to swiftly kick time’s ass through the medium of manifesto. In the words of the Port Huron Statement, “If we appear to seek the unattainable, as it has been said, then let it be known that we do so to avoid the unimaginable.”

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