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October 25, 2009



The differences between these 2 movies are apparent.  I hated the most recent version because it replaced the quick witted banter of a love struck agent and a woman with a discernible talent and replaced it with a gritty story of a performer from the streets blinded by a thirst for a life he only got a taste of before being brutally murdered.  Nothing could replace Ingrid Bergman and it showed.  To rehash a little of the original movie.  Cary Grant is his always charming self but Bergman steals the movie along with Claude Rains who is perfect in his performance of a Momma’s Nazi Boy.  Loved the whole movie, especially the dialog between Bergman and Grant, but it isn’t like the other more popular Hitchcock films in that the suspense is in the popping of a champagne bottle or the placement of a key instead of a chasing plane or a nighttime slaying.  I wasn’t sure of the ending at first because it was so abrupt, but after thinking about it for a while, I like it because it is just as ambiguous as most of the characters throughout the movie.  It’s almost as though Hitchcock doesn’t really want you to get to know anybody in the film.  It’s all very secretive you know. Espionage and all.

I recommend watching this film, but if you haven’t seen much of Hitchcock, I would start someplace else because the tone might not be what you expect.  Vertigo, Rear Window or North by Northwest would be good places to start.

As for the remake, I saw it in Ireland at a film festival in January and I don’t think I overheard one positive comment on the film.  I wish I saw it back in LA to get a better understanding of why someone would like this movie.  It was a soap opera and it was too bad someone so talented got rehashed so generically like it could have been anybody.  Also the decision to change the race of Cary Grant was preposterous and I didn’t believe it for a second.

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