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Obama’s current dichotomy

October 15, 2009

He just won the Nobel Peace Prize, a long watered down award for showing an opposing view after sitting on the sidelines of worn torn decades. The Right, and many on the Left are lampooning him, even though he said he didn’t think he deserved the award (something nobody seems to fully hash out). I realize it was the only response to such a surprising gift, but everybody on the news shows the video of his response then criticizes him for getting it. I know they leave harsh words for scandanavians as well, but it always seems to be his fault now. Can’t we slow down a little and take our time instead of trying to fix everything in a week. He obviously is not a deity. We did this with Afghanistan already. We got hit on 9/11 and acted rashly. I think a lot of shitty people saw an opportunity to make money from our 2 wars, but i don’t think it was any sort of conspiracy. I just think the brass was largely mislead by strategists because the strategists are good at their job and the sheep are people who follow dogs trained to attack. There are now dissenting opinions coming out for leaving Afghanistan, and it’s about time. Biden, in the administration is the most prominent dissenter but he seems to be slowly pulling back from his stance and joining Obama on his quest to have a war and not have a war in order to appease both sides of everything. It would be great if Obama said something to the Nobel committee, “hold this for me, and if this is truly an award given to put pressure on my policy making then you can give it back when I deserve it”.

Hopefully he stops listening to generals when it comes to these wars, as they dont really have a job without them and are therefore a biased. Biden is the person he should be listening to right now. Hopefully there is a reason he is in this administration that doesn’t just include being the inside of an oreo.

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  1. October 15, 2009 8:17 pm

    The people that are criticizing the loudest aren’t even doing so about things that are actually bad. Instead of whining about him not fixing everything he promised to fix with a wave of his hand, how about somebody with a microphone bring up the administration’s embrace of Bush admin. policies? You know, the things we all hated Bush for in the first place?

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