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How much?

October 15, 2009

The US has now contributed 4 trillion dollars of tax payer money to wall street.

To let you know what that looks like

Where does the number come from?

I don’t have too much to say. I am mostly speechless. We have lost our fucking minds. How does that amount of money pass without a general election? Is it wrong to even be dealing so quickly in that kind of money? I know I should you before, but seriously, what is that amount of money? Why does it exist? Why is it needed? How did we get here? I know the answer to a few of these questions. At least I think I do. At this point in time I am convinced there used to be a track this country ran on, but I dont think we can see it anymore

We’re all fucked. Do you really think we create new jobs and new industry in the realm of something that gets the US out of this hole? Not a chance. The government has sold our future. This government is starting to become more culpable, but it really started with deregulation following WWII, when we really saw what industrial might can do, then proceeded to give that industry everything it wanted. Lack of regulation was part of it, but how about the need, the greed, the speed in which we lived our lives in relation to the rest of the world, like we weren’t all in this together. Perhaps we weren’t in the 50’s. Not economically, not to this extent. We were only starting to understand what countries could do in the hyper industrialized age. Hell, we were like kids with a new toy, except ours was an A-bomb. The world is a resource grab for countries and people, except some people have countries that grab for them.

There is still so much innovation in this world, its hard to give up on people who have always had the ability to change everything at the drop of a hat. My problem is that those changes were never global, even if they seemed to be. Globalization in the 21st century has changed everything, we can’t even “go green” without starving to death a few million people around the world due to a small decline in food production. The current administration, with the bit of human decency it is perceived to have, has cut a huge amount of humanitarian aid to the rest of the world, and the world that needs it is starting to suffer. Some people might say we should give more, but we dont have the model to afford it.

All we do is perpetuate the status quo. That is politics. That is business. That is even being the GM of a professional sports team. If you dont rock the boat, you keep your job. If you do and fail, you are out. If you do and are correct, you still stand a chance of not being immediately vindicated and could lose your job anyway.

This is not “China’s time to shine” as many people will and have put it. It is just a time for someone to say what we did before was wrong and we should go back to doing what we did before things went wrong. Change is not the word for that, nor is progress. The phrase I would use is, too slow to notice. That is how the world is changing. The microchip era makes us think it all happens in a heartbeat, but Mao was practically yesterday and is being relived as we speak. Out with the old and in with the new, has never been a novel idea, unless you admire the pendulum.

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  1. October 15, 2009 8:26 pm

    I’m not even sure how, once you get past a certain scale, an amount of money that large can actually exist. Once you get past a point in the spending, what’s the point in even counting anymore?
    How fitting that it stems from an economic system built on the trade of not tangible assets, but what are essentially abstract ideas, promises and superstitious guesses.

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