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G20 Protests

October 14, 2009

do you really think anybody cares about people passing out flowers outside of the 20 most powerful politicians in the world? The only way people take notice is if you fuck shit up. Would you remember the WTO in Seattle without riots? Would the conversation about the effects of globalization have been pushed so far without those riots? The only people who can help get shit done are the super rich CEO’s, central bankers, and politicians. NGO’s and other such wonderful organizations dont have the financial backing to do diddly on their own. There is a lobbying power almost 1 per congressperson regarding healthcare. Is there a lobby group in washington for single payer healthcare at all? The only way to make change is with heavy firepower and that can be money or strength. For the major players in this world every UN, G-whatever meeting is about how much they can deflect from themselves. Constituancies and lobby groups are too strong to take a stand on anything.

too many people have decided not to participate in government for there to be a debate on the people that government serves. You want the right kind of government for the US, it should be what the people want, not the market. That is what almost all political parties want (unless they think they should rule over the lame masses), so until everybody who can, votes, then there is no correct political debate. And until there is a difference between the politcal parties that doesn’t involve non governmental issues like abortion and gay rights, there is very little reason to vote for one side over the other. You might say that within the economic debate there is a difference, but all I see is a lot of people clearly stating what they dont want, not what they do, mainly because they dont care enough to draft a strong statement or dont have a platform to have an open debate without racism and lies.

Look at the leaders of both sides in congress. Are there even leaders? The democrats are led by people who care deeply about keeping their jobs, not getting it done. The republicans?

Well they conceived of a more than 40 year old conspiracy to set up a black president which seems like some underground railroad to the presidency thought up by MLK whilst sitting on the toilet. I wish some people would find something else to latch onto that they have no eveidence to back up like aliens. Imagine everybody on the news having to talk about aliens instead of healthcare or bailouts. Fuck, that would be no different.

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